Lockhart Oilfield Services offers a complete range of quality tools and services, allowing us to service all of your maintenance requirements.
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Call Us Toll Free at 1-888-259-4464 or email us at kevin@lockhartoilfield.com 4x4 Oilfield Valve Repair Service Vehicles

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Lockhart Oilfield Services Ltd is a leading oil field tool rental company in Red Deer, Alberta.  We specialize in oilfield services:  weld testing, flange isolation testing, oilfield valve repair and oil field rental tools.

Lockhart Oilfield Services
"A Leader in Both Honesty and Quality of Work
in the Controlled Bolting Industry."

Lockhart Oilfield Tools and Services in Red Deer provides oilfield tool rentals, hydraulic torque wrench bolting services and oilfield well control services. Our 25,000 sq ft head office in Red Deer, Alberta with local offices in Grande Prairie, and Fort St. John B.C. specialize in well control services, oilfield tools and blow out preventer BOP services.

We use the most advanced tools and technology in order to work safer and become more cost effective. Since 1994, Lockhart Oilfield Services has grown to a fleet of 16 Service Body Trucks, 6 Flat Deck & Pick up trucks and over $6 Million worth of tools and equipment.

Serving Western Canada from both Red Deer and Grand Prairie.

hydraulic torque wrenches

BOP Well Control 24 hr. Valve Repair 4x4 Service Trucks Re-cut Ring Joint Joint weld tester and flange weld tester flange facing Line Boring Line Freezing sparkless pipe cutting hydraulic torque wrenches

24 hr. Valve Repair Facility
24 Hr Valve Repair Facility
and Service Trucks

Serving Oilfield in Western Canada